Title: Facade
Author: Dea Brynhild Ensomhet
Pairing: William/Oz, Buffy
Rated: PG. Take the necessary precautions: practice responsible reading.
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Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Angel cast/crew/characters/plotlines/etc.
Dedicated to: reremouse, who asked GGI William: Tell me how "Spike" developed. How did the change start and why?
Author's Notes: Spike's prequel to "Gotta Get It".
Last updated: 1/23/05


"Please?" Buffy batted her eyes, causing him to snort in amusement.

"Y'know that doesn't work with me."

"But I just did my nails, I don't want to risk chipping them. And you do it so much better than I do - I always tear it." She continued to flutter her lashes prettily, and he sighed.

"Fine, fine. Give it here." William said, and took the cd she held out. He slipped a fingernail into the seam, neatly opening the shrink wrap and pulling it off. He managed the get the sticker underneath off in one piece, and handed the album back to her. "Why do you buy those things? You know I'd burn you a copy if you want."

"Yeah, but it's not the same." Buffy shrugged. "It's like, there's something special about owning a copy of the cd - plus, you get the nifty booklet inside with lyrics and stuff." She said, pulling said booklet out of the jewel case and waving it at William. "And besides, working at Bitch & Noise gets me a discount, so it's not like I'm paying sticker price for 'em."

"Lyrics, sherics. You just wanted to drool over the pictures of the band."

Buffy winked and curled up at one end of the sofa, careful not to dislodge the guitar that was lying on the cushions at the other end.

"Sound quality goes down in a copy, too." a voice said softly. William turned to see his boyfriend standing in the doorway to the bathroom, black towel across pale shoulders. He drank in the sight of the fresh-from-the-shower body, droplets of water trailing down the bare chest and soaking into faded blue jeans. William's gaze swept down and then back up his boyfriend's body, coming to a stop on his bright green hair.

"You did it." William grinned.

Oz winked. "We made a deal, remember? If I'm the emerald city, then you're going to be the yellow brick road."

William winced as he remembered the promise. He'd wanted to know why Oz had never dyed his hair green. "Well I did once, but I got tired of people asking me if it was green on purpose or by accident." He'd wondered what it had looked like, and Oz proposed a deal, quid pro quo thing and he'd agreed. William had the bad habit of agreeing to anything when Oz did that thing with his tongue. "I should be gagged." he sighed, and blushed at how kinky it sounded.

Oz's eyes sparked as he stepped closer. "That can be arranged." William blushed deeper and Oz took pity on him.

Didn't mean Buffy would pass up the opportunity to use the 'V' word. "Don't even think about backing out of the deal now. I wanna see what you look like blond, and you know that Andrew's been drooling to get his hands on that virgin hair of yours."

Roses. Fire engines. Cooked lobsters. Oz made a list in his mind, Things not as red as Will's face right now.William noticed the slight smirk in his eyes. "So, you're gonna corrupt my hair before you corrupt my body?" Will whispered, grabbing each end of the towel in a hand and pulling Oz close.

"That's the plan." Oz murmured. "Is it working?"

"Like a charm." William captured Oz's lips in a kiss, and Buffy pretended to read the liner notes while stealing glances at her roommates.


"I don't get it." William said, glancing around nervously.

"What don't you get?" Oz asked, tugging on their clasped hands to steer him towards the club door.

Buffy giggled as she walked behind them. "The attention. He's never realized what an eye-catcher he is, especially with the new 'do. Hell, even Willow almost fainted, before asking when he was gonna get an eyebrow pierced."

"Everybody keeps staring at me." William exclaimed. "Everywhere I go, I can feel people watching me. It's creepy."

Oz stopped and turned to look at Will. "It's not creepy." he murmured, one hand coming up to trace the side of Will's face. "You're just irresistible. And you've got the mysterious sexy groove working for you." He traced the scar in Will's left eyebrow.

William scoffed. "That's from a bike accident when I was twelve."

"They don't know that. For all they know, you could've received this scar skiing away from spies in the Aspens, or it could be a mark of honor and protection by some black-market family." Oz winked. "Or maybe you got it while you were a mercenary in China. It doesn't matter how you got it; it makes you look dangerous and confident."

"Wish I felt confident." William sighed.

Oz glanced at Buffy for help. Buffy slings an arm across William's shoulders. "Think of it this way." she explained. "Your hair, your clothes, your attitude - it's all a mask. People see what you want them to see, and changing your appearance is one of the easiest ways to affect how people treat you." She pointed out his reflection in a large picture window.

William looked at himself. Radioactively bleached hair, shorter than usual and slicked back against his scalp. Black chunky boots that used to reside in the back of his closet. Long black leather duster that it had taken both Oz and Buffy's encouragement to make him splurge for. William the shy poet was completely absent, and all that was left was this stranger with William's face.

Buffy must've developed telepathic powers, because she said, "Tonight, pretend you're someone else. Be confident. See how people respond."

"Yeah." Oz was getting excited about this game. Operation Self Esteem, he almost chuckled. "You've got the look, you'll get the attitude, and now all that's left is the nickname. You'll need something dashing and unique, a name worthy of your mystique. We'll call you..." Out of the corner of his eye, Oz saw some goth guy walk into the club, moonlight glinting off the small silver spikes studding the black leather collar. "Spike." Oz decided with a smile.

"Spike." Buffy nodded. "Perfect."

"Spike?" William frowned. "Sounds like a bulldog's name."

Oz elbowed him in the side. "I'll have you know that my nephew Jordie named his bulldog Petunia."

"Your nephew Jordie is three years old."

"Stop dawdling." Buffy said, grabbing William's free hand and pulling him towards the club's door, "It's time to introduce the world to Spike."


The End.


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