Indentured Servant Drabbles #2: Spander in Love

Title: Indentured Servant Drabbles #2: Spander in Love
Author: Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Archival: Just ask and ye shall recieve.
Last updated: 1/27/05


Table of Contents:

The Flavor of Love
The Leopard Leather of Love
The Color of Love


Title: Spander in Love #1: The Flavor of Love
Rating: PG mostly, except for a brief mention of naughty things one would do with another.
Disclaimer: I don't own Spike, Xander, Willow, Steak 'n Shake, or Chex Mix. Blame rain47 for asking whether the N was tasty or not and warping me for the rest of my life.
Author's Notes: Wow. I can't believe I wrote something that isn't a darkfic. Heaven help me. Written for darkhavens, who wanted Spander, first anniversary celebration. This is more of a preparation than a celebration, but I hope you like.


Xander looked at the bag. How dare it sit there so innocently, looking nearly identical to other bags that had always been around him. The name, the pictures on the bag so familiar, he'd looked at similar bags as far back as he can remember, but there was one small difference between this bag and all those other bags. Three small words, nine letters total, one crucial difference. At least, he thought it was three words, but did abbreviations really count as words? Maybe he'd ask Willow about it tomorrow, she would know. But then again, she'd probably look at him weird like that waiter at the Steak 'n Shake in Oxnard when he asked if the "n" was any good, since they always advertised the steaks and the shakes but never mentioned if the "n" was tasty. And Willow thought he was weird enough. The words stood out in bold and caps on the bag that he'd picked up from the store on the way home, warning of the horrible and terrible fate that awaited him - Hot 'n Spicy.

Xander stared hard at the bag like it was Jack O'Toole holding Katie to his throat. Dammnit, he was a man, he was strong, he was not scared by a snack food. Their one year anniversary was next week, and Xander wanted to take Spike out to the old Ethiopian restaurant that still hadn't gone out of business on the outskirts of Sunnydale. He'd occasionally seen Spike eyeing the restaurant on patrols, and knew that the only reason why they hadn't been there yet was because the food was really spicy and Spike was way more considerate about Xander's likes and dislikes than he was usually given credit for. Xander'd gone to the restaurant with his class on a fieldtrip in fourth grade geography class, but he'd spent the entire time drinking water and beating everyone else in a small Macala tournament - even Willow, who would spend too much time counting the beads and considering her options. Willow'd tried everything that had been available, but Xander hadn't sampled any of the food there. Xander never ate spicy food, but he wanted to do something special for Spike, so here he was, getting used to eating spicy foods. Only he wasn't so much getting used to it as waiting for the bag to sprout legs, thus revealing its demonic nature and giving him a reason to slay it. Xander reached out trembling hands and fumbled with the bag, the material crinkling like cellophane as it opened. Inside was the same Chex Mix he'd eaten a million times before, but tonight things were different. He inhaled, an exotic but familiar scent filling his nose, and frowned, unable to place the scent memory.

Like cannonballing into a cold swimming pool, he grabbed a rye chip, stuck it in his mouth, and chewed. The taste was nothing new, and for a moment Xander wondered if the company has made a mistake and put regular Chex Mix into the Hot 'n Spicy bag. He swallowed, and there remained a strange tingling in his tongue where the chip had been. Huh, he thought, exploring the new sensation. It wasn't any worse than cinnamon gumballs or the aftertaste from the occasional Mexican Spike would bring home for dinner. It wasn't an all together bad sensation, just weird, and he wondered what he'd been so afraid of. He grabbed a handful of the mix and popped it in his mouth, chewing away contentedly and swallowing.

Okay, that might've been a mistake. Now his whole tongue was tingling with that strange heat, and he exhaled in a soft 'woo' that felt like it should be tinged with smoke. But all in all, it wasn't too bad. Kinda interesting, actually, the way he could almost feel heat radiating off of his tongue in waves. He ate a few more handfuls and the heat intensified, spreading to the corners of his lips. A few handfuls after that the heat started throbbing along with his heartbeat, as well as spreading to his gums and teeth. His entire mouth felt hot and tingling, and he briefly wondered if the same thing happened to Spike's mouth (minus the heartbeat throbbing thing), and what it would be like to kiss him when his mouth so sensitive already. That thought lead to wondering how hard it would be to convince Spike to suck him off after eating a bag-full of this stuff, and hey, look, little Xander isn't quite so little anymore.

Xander was starting to see why Spike liked spicy foods so much.

Just as the heat was starting to be too much for him to endure, he popped the tab on a can of lemonade and took a sip, swishing it around in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. The effect was immediate, the nearly painful burning sensation gone... for about 2.3 seconds, at which time it came back , but not quite as intense as it had been before. Another swig of lemonade bought him another few moments of peace and time in which to gather up his wits and subject himself to more. He finished off the bag, pleased when he was able to handle the hot throbbing without running for the nearest gallon of water like a cartoon character. He sipped on the lemonade and his mouth gradually cooled down to a dull tingle, and he grinned as he made plans to call the restaurant tomorrow to make a reservation.

He also made a mental note to buy another bag of Hot 'n Spicy Chex Mix to hide in the bedside cabinet.

Just in case.


Title: Spander in Love #2: The Leopard Leather of Love
Rating: R mostly, naughty things one would do with another.
Timeline: Sequel to "The Flavor of Love". What happened after the restaurant.
Dedicated: to darkhavens, for helping me with the LJ-overwrite code. The request was Spike, Xander and a leopard-skin thong
Notes: Suzanne's Sex Shop is a place I thought up while talking to mys1985 one time, and since then I try to subtly slip it into a few of my fics... and for those of you who didn't know - if you shave a zebra, their skin is black & white striped too. Carry that idea into pa'tull'nas.


They stumbled into their bedroom, heated kisses and fumbling gropes as they tried to disrobe and snog at the same time. Spike moaned, mouth still tingling from the Ethiopian food they'd had earlier paired with the intensity of Xander's mouth. They fell as a tangle of limbs onto the bed, Spike kicking off his jeans and boots as Xander threw his own shirt across the room.

Spike undid Xander's jeans and slipped a hand inside, stopping short when his fingers brushed leather. He pulled back from the kiss, eyes flickering down to the leopard print leather revealed from under the denim, and back up to Xander's face. "Feeling adventurous?" he purred, the arousal upon seeing this surprise flavoring his voice.

Xander blushed. "I've seen you eyeing leopard-print a couple times."

Spike frowned. "But I thought leopards were endangered..." Not that he really cared, mind you, but he didn't want his nummy treat arrested by the government and thrown in jail for this little treat.

"Actually, there are seven kinds of leopards. Only four of them are endangered, and one's extinct..." Xander trailed off at Spike's amused glance. "I looked on the 'net." he said defensively. It was something to do during all those years researching when, after they'd finished looking in all the books in English, Willow taught him how to Google. "And besides, it isn't real leopard..."

Spike inhaled, contemplating the scent, his curious expression quickly morphing into incredulous. "Pa'tull'na hide?" Where the hell had his pet gotten pa'tull'na hide? Granted, the demon's coloring looked like a panther's, but that was as far as the resemblance went. Pa'tull'nas were on average eight feet tall and were more muscled than the Incredible Hulk on steroids. Dangerous and strong, they ate what they could and destroyed what they couldn't, and had pretty much no weakness. And they traveled in packs. If there were some in Sunnydale... "Where did you get it?"

Xander's blush deepened a shade. "Suzannessexshop." he mumbled.

"Suzanne's?" Spike sighed in relief, and let himself be amused at Xander's embarrassment. Suzanne was a nice bird, sharp as a whip, and knowledgeable enough about what goes bump in the night to make a killing on certain merchandise. If she'd sold it to his Xander then he knew it was safe, but... "This stuff doesn't come cheap."

Xander pulled Spike down, kissing him sweetly. "You're worth every penny." he whispered against Spike's lips. Spike rumbled in pleasure, trailing kisses down Xander's chest and abdomen, intent on repaying Xander's consideration in full.


Title: Spander in Love #3: The Color of Love
Timeline: Third in the Love series... What happened the morning after.
Dedicated: to kittypoker1, for offering to help me aquire a copy of the Angel soundtrack. The request was S/X. Sofa. Leer. Lustful. Purple.


"Spike, come on! At least give me a hint." Xander pleaded.

Spike finally gave in a little. "It's purple and lumpy."

Xander stared at him. "Purple and lumpy?"

"Yup." Spike grinned. There was no way his pet would be able to figure out his anniversary prezzie. Hell, he bet Xander was wracking his brain, trying to figure out if they made sex toys that were purple and lumpy.

Xander threw a pillow at Spike's head. "No fair. Bad clue. Give me another."

Spike laughed and caught the pillow in mid-air. "Sorry, luv. You wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, now would you?"

It was two days later, the morning after their anniversary, and Xander was sound asleep, a sated smile on his face. Spike cuddled him, watching him breathe and listening to his steady heartbeat. He faintly heard a car pull into the driveway, and he slipped out of bed, dressing silently and closing the door to the bedroom on his way out. He opened the front door just as the man outside was about to press the doorbell. The man offered the clipboard he was carrying. "Delivery for Mr. Xander Harris?

"Shush, he's asleep." Spike told the man, signing his name and giving back the clipboard. Spike opened the door wide and stepped aside, letting two men carry in a large object. Spike spent fifteen minutes positioning it in the living room, looking at it from this way and that to make sure it was perfect. The delivery men left and he slipped back into the bedroom, shedding his clothes before climbing back into bed. Xander mumbled something in his sleep and wrapped his arms around Spike

Two hours later, Spike felt Xander stirring against his chest. He feigned sleep as Xander pulled away, headed for the bathroom. After the sounds of the toilet and sink, he heard Xander shuffling towards the livingroom and kitchen for food. Three... two... one...

"What the hell?"

Spike climbed out of bed, coming to stand behind Xander, who was frozen in the doorframe between the bedroom and the living room.

"What is that?"

"It's a couch, luv." Spike replied, hoping Xander would like it.

"It's purple."

"Your favorite color." Spike explained.

Xander hesitantly touched it."It's lumpy."

"Overstuffed for our bum's sitting pleasure." Spike replied.

Xander turned his head to look at Spike. "You bought me a sofa."

Spike nodded. "The back is extra strong."

Xander frowned. "Strong?" Spike leered, copping a feel of Xander's boxer-clad arse. Xander blushed. "Oh."

"And stain resistant, or so the bird on the telly claimed." Spike smirked.

"That's... a good thing." Xander said, his voice husky with desire.

Spike pressed closer to Xander. "So... want to test it out?"

Xander swallowed hard, loving the lustful look in Spike's eyes. "Oh yeah." he said, barely getting the words out before Spike claimed his lips in a passionate kiss.

Turns out it was stain resistant.


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