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3/16/14 - Wow, this site is so old. Sorry. Updating bits and peices as I have time, starting with the About Me page.

3/16/09 - Real Life has taken over, and I've been hard-pressed to keep this website up and active. Over the next couple weeks I'll be taking down some of the things on this site, including most of the fic archived that isn't mine. I just don't have the time anymore to keep the archives going, and I'm trying to trim down extra space.

4-11-08 - Started up Bryn's Store to maybe help off-set the cost of running off to conventions without a job waiting at home for me when I get back. We'll see if it works. *crosses fingers*

12-27-07 - Added an image to the vids "The Night Santa Went Crazy" and "Something Worth Leaving Behind" in Greenhaired Goddess, and changed the default image so that the measurements were the same.

12-26-07 - Added the vid "The Night Santa Went Crazy" to Greenhaired Goddess.

12-23-07 - Posted the fic and a header image for "So Far, So Good" in "Nails and Paperclips". Added a header image to the fic 285 North. Added CA Award nomination banner to Already Come True.

11-14-07 - Posted the fic Would you like a flavor shot with that? in "Knives Under Pillows".

11-6-07 - Posted the fic Already Come True in "Knives Under Pillows" and "Big Maypole Fish Thing". Posted the fic When The Miracles Happen in "Knives Under Pillows".

10-29-07 - Posted the fic The Way Every Season Should Totally End in "Knives Under Pillows".

10-15-07 - Added the vid "Remember The Name" to Greenhaired Goddess.

9-15-07 - Added the vid "You're Not Here" to Greenhaired Goddess.

9-9-07 - Added the vid "Stacy's Dad" to Greenhaired Goddess.

9-7-07 - Added the vid "Something Worth Leaving Behind" to Greenhaired Goddess.

9-6-07 - Added the vids "Dean Is Addicted To Stress" and "Never Again" to Greenhaired Goddess.

8-11-07 - Added the vid "Sam Is So Much Cooler Online" to Greenhaired Goddess.

7-29-07 - Added the vid "Children of Supernatural" to Greenhaired Goddess.

7-22-07 - Added an image to the vid "Trapped (in the Web of Love)" in Greenhaired Goddess, and added text to the header image. Removed Spurglie's fics "Interpretation", "Acceptance", "Forever", "Never Look a Gift Vengeance Demon in the Mouth", "Pretty Shade of Darkest Maroon", "Watching Waiting", "Supposed To", and "I Wish I had the Blue" due to author's request.

7-20-07 - Updated "Of Love And Bunnies" up to the 76th chapter.

6-7-07 - Added the vid "Mr. Winchester in the Iron Lung" to Greenhaired Goddess.

6-4-07 - Added the vid "No Good Deed" to Greenhaired Goddess.

5-28-07 - Added the vid "Next Contestant" to Greenhaired Goddess.

5-20-07 - Added the vid "Space Cases Theme Song" to Greenhaired Goddess.

5-13-07 - Added the vid "Ghost" to Greenhaired Goddess.

4-19-07 - Added the vids "So Far So Good" and "Trapped (in the Web of Love)" to Greenhaired Goddess.

4-13-07 - Added the vid "Mary, Can You Come Outside" to Greenhaired Goddess.

4-12-07 - Added the vid "Superhero" to Greenhaired Goddess.

4-11-07 - Added the vid "Priest" to Greenhaired Goddess.

4-10-07 - Posted the fic 285 North in "Knives Under Pillows" and "Nails and Paperclips". Added the vid "Evening On The Ground" to Greenhaired Goddess.

4-5-07 - Posted vid "St. Augustine In Hell" to Greenhaired Goddess.

4-3-07 - Posted It Just Gets Harder When You Ask Why to Knives Under Pillows.

4-1-07 - It's no joke! Bryn makes vids now! Bryn's vid archive, Greenhaired Goddess, is now up and running with seven awesome vids avaliable for download or to watch on YouTube! Posted vids "Haunted", "Sleep On It", "Wild", "Let Me Go", "Pardon Me", "Troubled Mind", and "You Make Me Wanna". Images coming soon. I also added chapters 56-58 to "Of Love and Bunnies". Enjoy!

2-28-07 - Posted Fangoria Remix in the SPN section.

1-13-07 - Finally got the updated verison of "Of Love and Bunnies" by Rain (CrazyGirl47) up. Woo, was that headache-inducing, hand-codeing all fifty-two chapters. I need a rest now...

1-11-07 - Added Knives Under Pillows, a Supernatural fanfic archive, and Counting Krybots, a Power Rangers fanfic archive. Not much fic there yet, but there will be more over the next few months. Added Rain's fic "Strange Relations" to both archive since it's a PRDT/SPN crossover, and added Rain and Freyja's "Of Love and Bunnies" to Counting Krybots, but it needs to be updated with the most recent chapters. Added my drabble "Only When I Lose Myself" to Counting Krybots. Changed this page from "What's New" to "Fresh Baked Doughnuts" and added the header image. Posted chapter 11 of Woo Me With Words, and chapters 5-11 of Want Take Have.

12-26-06 - Took down a few links on My Haunts page that were broken. Yeah, I know I haven't been updating much, but all that is going to change with the new year... I'll finally have time to update and revamp and write! So stay tuned!

6-18-06 - Posted chapter 10 of Woo Me With Words. Posted chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Want Take Have.

12-14-05 - Posted chapters 1 and 2 of Bring The Fun In. Posted header image for BTFI. Updated my info.

11-28-05 - Updated MoodRings - 132 Celebrations of Spander. There are now 61 written + 25 claimed + 46 unclaimed and unwritten = 132 Spander Moods.

11-21-05 - Updated main page. Updated Squirrels Juggling Knives. Posted chapters 5 and 6 of The Healing Touch. Posted chapters 4, 5, and 6 of To Be Wanted. Posted chapters 7, 8, and 9 of Woo Me With Words.

5-8-05 - Added "Upon receipt, please review." to "Big Maypole Fish Thing".

5-2-05 - Added Mys' "Five Things That Never Happened To Xander", "Five things that could have happened" and "Two Flower Drabbles" as well as Rune's "Dance With the Devil" and "The Last Temptation" to "Com-shuking the Groosalugg" with permission. Added Mys' "A good idea", "Freudian Slip", "Bloodless", "How could I even try, I can never win", "It only hurts when Iím breathing...", and Rune's "O SilÍncio da Alma (The Silence of the Soul)" to "Knights of Love" with permission.

5-1-05 - Added Beetle's "The True Meaning of Family" to "Knights of Love" with permission. Added Beetle's "Lost", "The First Move", and "Each Day Is Valentineís Day" to "Com-shuking the Groosalugg" with permission.

4-29-05 - Added Beetle's "Ghosts" to "Com-shuking the Groosalugg" with permission. Added "What better way to waste the night..." and "Itís About Power" by Mys, "Repeat Till Insane" by Beetle, and "Hoarding Colored Rags" by Misspandypants and Brynhild to "Knights of Love" with permission.

4-28-05 - Added Spurglie's fics with permission - "Interpretation", "Never Look a Gift Vengeance Demon in the Mouth", "Acceptance", "Forever", "Watching Waiting", "Train Journey", and "Scene of the Crime" - to "Com-shuking the Groosalugg".

4-27-05 - Added Spurglie's fics with permission - "The Buffy Oscars", "Tissue Paper", "Pretty Shade of Darkest Maroon", "Supposed To", and "I Wish I Had the Blue" - to "Com-shuking the Groosalugg". Added Spurglie's fics with permission - "Xander's kitten has kittens" and "Joined at the Hip" - to "Knights of Love".

4-26-05 - Changed the colors of the fics in BMFT so it's a little bit easier on the eyes. Added Spurglie's "Xander has kittens" and "Heat Wave", and Camisha's "Survival Instincts" to Knights of Love with permission.

4-25-05 - Added Kita's fics with permission: "Thirty Days", "Blue on Black", "Five Things That Never Happened To Spike", "Of the Beast", and "Equinox" to Com-shuking the Groosalugg. Changed the colors of the fics in ComGroo and KOL so it's a little bit easier on the eyes. Added Camisha's fics with permission: "Fulfilling a Fantasy", "Goo", "Three's a Crowd", and "Resurrection of the Xanderbot" to "Knights of Love". In the middle of coding "Survival Instincts", so hopefully that will be up by tomorrow night.

4-24-05 - Added some fics to "Trippin' Out".

4-23-05 - Added "nervous", "contemplative", "sick", and "dirty" to MoodRings - 132 Celebrations of Spander. Edited and added fics to Trippin' Out. Added Trixie's fic "From the Rain" to "Com-shuking the Groosalugg" with permission.

4-22-05 - Added Rune's fics wth permission: "Between Sunshine & Shadows", "Fuck you and your cat!", "Never Let Me Down", "Burn", and "Drahy Sestra (Beloved Sister)" to Com-shuking the Groosalugg, and her fics "Drowning", "The State We're In", "Where You'd Been", and "Awakening" to Knights of Love.

4-20-05 - Added "Another Peaceful War" by Marina Frants to "Com-shuking the Groosalugg" with permission.

4-18-05 - Added Rowan's fics wth permission: "Darkside, Lightside", "Girl On Film", "Narcosis", "She Fell Away", "Tomorrow We Die", "Afraid of the Dark", "The Twelfth Sister", "The Twelfth Sister Revisited" and "The Stranger's Portrait" to Com-shuking the Groosalugg. Added the Spander Moodrings to Knights of Love. Edited Looks Like Lobster. Added Adorable Smiles, complete with 115 icons!

4-15-05 - Added "Just a Harmless Joke" by Rain-chan to "Nails and Paperclips". Also added "Knights of Love".

4-10-05 - added header images for "Invitations", "Tokens of Affection", and "Sentimental Value". Added "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Writer's Blockhead" by Captain Zefram Mann to both "Flaming Odango on a Rose" and "Snowstorm". Added "Trippin' Out" and "Com-shuking the Groosalugg". Added "A Night at the Three Broomsticks" by Rain-chan to "Nails and Paperclips".

4-9-05 - Added a collage image to Vampire Moon. Added MoodRings - 132 Celebrations of Spander. Added Flaming Odango on a Rose. Added banner and links to Yuricon.

4-7-05 - Added "Sentimental Value" to "Big Maypole Fish Thing".

4-6-05 - Finally added Links to "Looks Like Lobster".

4-5-05 - added A Midwinter's Nightmare and Two Sides of the Same Coin to "It's Just Me". Finally added Links to "Reincarnated Royalty".

4-4-05 - added Just another night in Sunnyhell and The Compressed Twelfth Night. In "Nails and Paperclips", I added Bill Berry's stories with permission: "The Story of Joan of Arc: Martyr Complex", "When You Are Gone I Will Still Be Here", "Imagine", "Scarlet", "Paris: City of Suicides", "Identity Politics: Failure", "Of Mice and Men", and "The Tempest".

4-3-05 - Put up Nails and Paperclips, and added an outside link to "Paris: City of Suicides". Rain-chan gave me permission to post her fic, so those will be getting put up soon.

3-28-05 - Edited Bryn's Haunts (used to be Funky Sites), and added "Nails and Paperclips" to the main page. Renamed my info page This Girl Has Squirrels Juggling Knives In Her Head!, and added links to places I'm a member of.

3-25-05 - added "Full Circle" by Meara to Fukus and Lace, and uploaded better quality versions of a few pictures.

3-24-05 - added header images for Reincarnated Royalty, Fukus and Lace, Jarred Axis, Forcing Buffy, and Thessula in Action. Changed the space background for the Sailor Moon pages.

3-23-05 - added the following fics to "Fukus and Lace": "Made of Stone" by Sean Gaffney, "Trials and Errors" by Sean Gaffney and Jeff Hosmer, "Vampire Moon" by Jeff Hosmer and John Biles, "Blood Moon Rising" by Jeff Hosmer and John Biles, and "Fatal Exposure" by Meara.

3-22-05 - In It's Just Me, I found two more chapters of "The Young and the Hercless", and corrected some errors that were in there. Added Achaea's "Why Do Fools", "Slings and Arrows", and "A Stitch In Time". Added Aura's "Goddess on Earth", as well as Emily's "Love and Life" and "Loyalty". Added some archiver's notes to the beginning of the main page. Added header images for Devour Life, It's Just Me, That Hot Androgynous Look, and A Touch Of Sizzle.

3-21-05 - Updated "Spin the Bottle" at Fukus and Lace, as well as adding Sera Luanma's "Death of the Void" and "Beloved". Corrected some links.

3-20-05 - Updated a few more stories and email addresses in Fukus and Lace. Added some new poetry to That Hot Androgynous Look. Fixed some of the links for Big Maypole Fish Thing. Added Ode to a Greecian Hero to "It's Just Me".

3-18/19-05 - Got almost all of the stories for Fukus and Lace and Snowstorm up, went through a lot of the fics and edited the text colors so they don't hurt your eyes as much ^_~ Also tracked down a few new chapters and updated my versions. I'm trying to contact all the authors to let them know that I've moved, and to make sure the email I have for them is correct.

3-17-05 - Worked on Fukus and Lace, got about half of the stories up. Still working on it - since every chapter has a pic, it takes longer to recode everything. The colors in a few of the fics are a little wacky, but I'll change those around as soon as I get all the fics up. Haven't even started on Snowstorm or the SM links yet.

3-16-05 - That Hot Androgynous Look is up (haven't gotten to the image yet), Looks Like Lobster and Big Maypole Fish Thing are both up and BMFT has been reorganized. Devour Life and It's Just Me has been updated (haven't gotten to the images yet), and added the YH Links page. All the links work. Added A Touch of Sizzle. Also added Reincarnated Royalty and Fukus and Lace, however, none of the SM fanfics are up yet.

3-14-05 - Still transferring files over, divving the site up inbetween fandoms. There may be a few broken links for a while.

3-13-05 - Bought my own domain space - no more popups! Yay! Still working on transfering files over to the new site.

2-17-05 - I've been writing, and I've got one new fic up: "Tokens of Affection".

2-5-05 - I'm kinda sick, so I played with photoshop a little to make myself feel better - replaced the main image on the "My info" page.

1-27-05 - After deleting a lot of the old pages (and even some I didn't even remember!), I've got from over 18MB to under 5MB. I've still got to fix a few links, but soon the site will be operational again. The first thing that'll be totally updated will be "Big Maypole Fish Thing". Fic reccs and site links will come next, and then one of these days I'll be able to add some new and delete some old quotes from the quote generator.

1-26-05 - I'm trashing a lot of the old stuff that was on my website, and doing my best to fix all the links ^_^ I've created a mailing list for people who want email notifications when I update the site: LLLobster.

1-25-05 - It's a new year that brings with it internet access at my house again, so I can finally spend hoards of time cleaning this place up again. We're sticking with the BtVS/AtS red lobster theme, but I'll still house fanfics and links to all my favorite fandoms. A lot of my old pages are getting torn down, and many new pages will be up soon, I hope. I've updated my fanfic area, "Big Maypole Fish Thing", with all of my latest stories, and I'm playing around with Adobe photoshop to make nifty graphics. Enjoy!

7-29-04 - My apologies that it's taken so fricking long to revamp this site. I've changed the name: instead of Bryn's Curiously Mythical Lair, this site is now Looks Like Lobster - kinda an Angel the Series theme. This site is gonna be heavy on the BtVS fanfiction links, so stay tuned!

8-6-02 - Well, I'm revamping the entire site. The current theme is a little old, so maybe some new looks would be nice. I've changed the green background in a few places, Let Snowflake and Icicle take over Flame and Gwendolyn's spots on the main page, and changed the little blue bullets into bigger blue snowflakes that follow the cursor around on the main page. I rather like them, although I'm sure James will probably never stop laughing. Also look for changes on the cover page, there the mythboat is. As soon as Inspiration hits, that is going to be completly changed, and turned around upside down inside out and completly revamped. I'm still checking all the links, I'm sorry if you stumble over broken ones, I'm doing my best to fix them. I deleted Vanilla coke frome the Name page, because I don't really drink it much anymore. Changed the background and text colors on the 'What's New' page. Deleted the Midi players from the cover and main pages, they really aren't worth the trouble they were causing.

6-5-02 - Finals are almost over and soon I'll have more time to devote to this site. Getting the Fanfic archives back up and running is my main focus right now. As time passes, muses ebb and flow, and people don't keep their sites up and running. I apologize for all the broken links - I am currently going through my site page by page, and checking every single link. As this is a huge task, it will take a little while and I won't be able to add new stuff to my site much until the link check is completed, so I appriciate your patience.

7-27-01 - Yeah, I know. I'm sorry it's been so long since updating. But I'm updating now, okay? Sheesh. The List has been tinkered with. Some of the links that hadn't been working are now, and some new stories have been added! The bouncing blue balls on the main page have changed... they're still blue but now they're kinda 3D looking. Cool, huh? Also, I've added Bryn's Ponderings as a place where you can go to read my ponderings.

5-12-01 - Created the Curiously Mythical Lair's Adoptions. You can adopt butterflies!

5-7-01 - Updated page two and three and added pages 14 thru 24 to the tour of my scrapbook.

4-30-01 - Added my collection of Defaced American Currency, and am working on the tour of my scrapbook.

4-29-01 - Added my adopted sea creatures, my page of most things Blue, my adopted Felines and Equine Cross-breeds. I also added a Collections archive and my collection of Magnets.

4-17-01 - Four more Mermaids call the Lair home, The CMYHFFA has recieved a new background and two guardians, and I have made a list of all the Guardians of the Lair.

4-16-01 - This page and its Webmistress have finally won some awards! Visit the Award Page to see the NINE awards that we've won. I now also have a guardians of the literature, links, and each group of my cyberwards.

4-11-01 - Due to multiple complaints and comments, the cover page is TOTALLY revamped, the main page is shortened to reduce loading time, and I have moved everything that is no longer on the main page onto their own pages.

3-8-01 - I told you ppl I would get the quote generator back up. It's nowhere near full power, but it's already got around three hundred quotes to choose from at the moment. More quotes to come!

3-6-01 - You might have noticed that on my main page, little blue dots (or translucent squares) now follow the curser around. Isn't it cool?

1-29-01 - Ahh! I'm back finally. Sorry for the long delay... hopefully now I can start getting things done again. Added a new link to 'Friend's Pages', and I'm working on getting the quote generater back up again. Also working hard on the links section of my "YH page".

11-12-00 - Posted A Love Story, Friends Without Faces, Exam Answers.

11-8-00 - Posted Bad Writer! updated "Awaiting Destiny".

10-13-00 - I knew disaster would strike today. I totally messed up half of my quote genorator, so you will not be getting the varity that you were getting. I hope to get that fixed soon.

9-29-00 - Added a list of twisted fairy tales, and gave each book it's own page. 'Sirena' and 'Spinners' are my faves.

9-27-00 - Added more quotes, over 300 quotes! To *hear* the YH and H:TLJ, you can go to and click on 'sounds'. ~*~(Bryn's note: The Young and the Hercless" site is no longer existing, at least not at that link. If you know where it moved to, please send the link to me!!!)~*~

9-16-00 - Added a quote to the front page that changes every time you re-load my page. Over 33 quotes to choose from!

9-4-00 - Added 'Somebodys Watching Me' to the cover page. Added a Secret Code.

8-8-00 - Just got my drivers license, so I thought I'd give my mom the car and work on my webbie :) I'm adding a frames version to it, so some of the links still haven't transfered over, but hopefully I'll get it all up soon. Also added a cover page.

7-30-00 - Posted Apples. Added links here.

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