Ode to a Greecian Hero

Ode to a Greecian Hero

By Bryn Ensomhet

Rating: G
Disclaimer: I have no association with Fox Kids, USA Studios, and whatever else in charge of Young Hercules. I am making no money from this story.
Summary: A fangirl's poem to Ryan Gosling

I dream and wake and dream again
Of things that could, might be,
Of blue silk sky and emerald grass
The greenest I'll ever see.

Of you, my hero, bold and brave
Who fights the darkest adversaries,
The cunning rogue, the God of War,
Your own half-brother, Ares.

Yet, who but you could win the day
with your pals Dean and Chris,
Who are known to all my friends
As Prince Jason and Iolaus.

All your half-brothers, who are many
And half-sisters, including Discord,
If I pledge to be your lady
Will you vow to be my lord?

Alas, I know you being Hercules
Is only a child's tale,
Like all my dreams of dancing with you
Through a New Zealand dale.

I light a rod of incense
and smell its deep perfume,
like dried roses from the previous summers
whose old memories still loom.

So Hercules, this I pray
No matter what comes, you are
Dear Ryan Gosling, you will always be
my star.

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